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Breech Baby

Breech Babies

Breech is a commonly used word to refer to a baby who  is not in a head down or vertex presentation. Usually this means a baby who is bottom down. About 3-4% of babies at 37 weeks gestation are breech.The best time to try to turn a breech baby is between 32-37 weeks of pregnancy There are many different types of methods to use and all have different levels of success. Talk with your health
care provider about which options they feel would be best for you to try.
Chiropractic Care: The technique is known as the Webster Technique. Both Dr. Kolleen Gregory & Dr Richard are certified in this technique.

The Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics reported in the July/August 2002 issue that 82% of doctors using the Webster Technique reported success. Further, the results from the study suggest that it may be beneficial to perform the Webster Technique in the 8th month of pregnancy.

Visit www.spinningbabies.com for additional information.

Natural Techniques to try at home include:

The Breech Tilt -Raise hips 12" or 30cm off the floor using large, solid pillows three times daily for 10-15 minutes each time. This is best done on an empty stomach, and at a time when your baby is active. Concentrate on your baby and not tensing your body, especially in the abdominal area.

Using Music -We know that babies can hear sounds outside the womb, so many women have used music or taped recordings of their voice to try to get their baby to move towards the noise! Headphones placed on the lower part of your abdomen, playing either music or your voice, has encouraged babies to move towards the sounds and out of the breech position.

Homeopathic Remedies- There are women that have also found these to be successful in breech situations. Contact your local Natropath with any questions.

Pulsatilla (homeopathically) causes the muscle fibers in the uterus to even out and relax.

Pulsatilla 200c 1xday; repeat one more day if baby hasn't turned yet
or Pulsatilla 30C (homeopathic; dosage 3-5 pellets under the tongue twice daily for 2 weeks) which encourages position change.

Combine this with the breech tilt exercise at least twice a day for 10 minutes each time. Take one Pulsatilla tab before beginning the breech tilt.

Slant Board -Spend some time on a slant board. You can find a board that is sturdy and put it up against the couch and you lie on it on your back with your feet up. Your hips should be 12-18 inches above your head. Do this when the baby is moving so you and the baby are working together. Put a bag of frozen peas or other veggie at the top and earphones playing music down low. The baby will turn from the cold and toward the music . Do the slant board 3-4 times a day for about 10 min each. You can also go to a friend's pool or to the Y and do postural inversion. That is being upside down in the pool -- hand stands on your own or with someone holding your ankles. Come up for air and do again. Stop when you are tired of it.

Moxibustion  -this form of traditional Chinese medicine involves burning a moxa (mugwort) stick near a certain point on the small toe of the foot (bladder 67). You can find practitioners in a variety of settings including the acupuncture clinic and other practitioners. Visit here to find out more. 

Visualizing -the baby moving down with the head very deep in your pelvis, several times a day; especially in conjunction with positions and exercises below.

Flashlight - try moving slowly down from the top of the uterus toward your pubic bone while you are in a breech tilt position.

Massage - start with your left hand at the bottom of the abdomen and your right hand just above it. Move move your hands clockwise around the right side of your tummy. As your right hand reaches the top of your abdomen, slide the left one over your right and move it down the left side of your tummy. Your left hand leads as you you come full circle, continuing clockwise. Massage gently as you would to apply lotion. Massage for ten minutes or more up to several times each day.

Clothespin - place on the small toe of each foot at the outside corner of the toenail; sideways so that the toenail and toe pad are stimulated for 30 minutes per day, this is an acupressure point that is a "moving down" point. You can also do this with just finger pressure as you remember to do it.


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  • ""I can't describe what Focus has done for me. I was in so much pain, especially the way my baby was positioned. After our visit, I went to the OB and he did an ultra sound. My baby literally turned right after I saw you and is now head down. We are both much happier and more comfortable. Not only that, but my fluids were low but after being adjusted they increased. Now his kicks don't hurt as much and he is even moving and kicking more now that the adjustment made room for him. After experiencing an adjustment, my muscles are more relaxed. You guys are amazing and I feel so grateful that you helped me and I look forward to my next visit. I have been to many chiropractors and no one has helped me like Focus Chiropractic. They really know what they are doing and I felt so comfortable there.""
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